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Phone Systems

Choosing the Right Phone System

We know the pros and cons of On-premise/Hosted VoIP solutions—inside and out. To determine which one is right for your company, we conduct a thorough assessment to:

  • Understand business needs, strategic objectives, budget constraints and time frames
  • Evaluate your current infrastructure
  • Determine bandwidth and structured cabling requirements
  • Establish VoIP solution criteria

Tapping into our strategic network of vendors and service providers, we objectively build on-premise and hosted scenarios into a comprehensive solution proposal, which includes 5-year and 10-year cost projections. We conduct an extensive review session with your team, explaining how and why we arrived at the recommendations to help you select the optimal VoIP solution.

Hosted PBX

With Hosted PBX service, you'll be able to increase your productivity, present an impressive phone presence, scale your service to meet your needs as your business grow and still save money compared to traditional options. Digivoix has partnered with various hosted phone service providers to bring all the benefits of VOIP to businesses just like yours at prices never before possible. Thousands of all sizes businesses are turning to the hosted phone service and with our help, so can you!

We can help you get a very competitive pricing from these providers. We can also help you negotiate a better pricing with your existing service providers. 


Phone systems located on your premises, using both traditional and IP technology. We offer variety of IP PBX systems with personalized turnkey solutions for small to medium sized markets as per your specific needs. We specialize in facilitating VoIP decision-making processes through solution roll-out.

Our phased approach begins with an assessment of your current infrastructure and assets.

A professionally managed implementation reduces your time-to-benefit.