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Networking & Security

Network Penetration Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of testing and assurance services that will provide you with a measurement of risk exposure and advice on how to best secure your assets.

Testing is conducted from ‘Black, White or Grey Box’ perspectives, depending on project needs. Testing can be performed remotely to simulate an attack over the internet, or internally as by an individual with physical access to your network.

  • Test the security of your technology
  • Test the security awareness of your people
  • Test the strength of your processes
  • Identify and address the weaknesses and exposures in your business

Mobile Security Assessment

We help secure you apps and ensure they are trustworthy. Decompilation of the installed app allows our technical team to perform in depth application analysis looking for security bugs in the source code and application itself.

  • Mobile app and server-side testing
  • Misconfiguration and finding sensitive information
  • Access permissions, injections and error messages

Network Assessment

Your network infrastructure transports the lifeblood of your organization's information. We will assess your organization’s core, distribution and access level network infrastructure to identify areas of the network that expose key components to the myriad of threats out there.

  • We can evaluate IDS/IPS and other alerting or control mechanisms.
  • Firewall and network topography reviews
  • Network segmentation analysis and data flow analysis
  • VPN Evaluation

We help identify where the architecture of your network can be more effective and provide workable advice to improve.

Endpoint Security

We can help you choose the right solution that gives you the threat protection and data security you need to protect your users and your corporate information across every device and application. You get multiple layers of advanced threat protection, including anti-malware, ransomware protection, memory inspection, encryption, device control, data loss prevention (DLP), vulnerability shielding, command and control blocking, browser exploit prevention, application whitelisting, behavior monitoring, web threat protection, and more.

Whether in information protection or threat protection, we can guide you toward solutions that meet your business goals, but leave you with the knowledge to maintain & mature your security environment once they’ve gone.

Web Application Assessment

Testing consists of discovering the vulnerabilities within and the likely threats to both your Website and Applications. It can be quite alarming to be told you’re vulnerable so we are equally adept at helping our clients find and implement solutions that mitigate or reduce the risk of compromise.

  • Web application security assessment
  • Application threat modelling
  • Web server configuration assessment

Security Consultancy

We recognize that consultancy services aren’t just about Ethical Hacking, sometimes complex relationships between threats and vulnerabilities that together represent a business risk must all be quantified.

Our experience and expertise can guide organizations and provide strategic insight around the complex issues of governance, compliance & legislation and all aspects of a security transformation project.